Deutsche Bank – Welcome to the Lithium-ion Age …,,

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KIET 2016.07.06 – 글로벌 리튬 배터리 산업 전망


Deutsche Bank 2016.05.09 – Welcome to the Lithium-ion Age …,,

POSCO announced in February 2016 that the company had held a groundbreaking ceremony for its lithium plant at Pozuelos salt lake in Argentina. The company has announced that this plant will produce ‘2.5kt of high-purity lithium’; we interpret this as 2.5ktpa of +99% lithium carbonate, signaling that this plant is likely a large-scale demonstration plant to test POSCO’s proprietary lithium extraction technology before the company makes a final investment decision on a larger operation.

POSCO’s independent technology is touted as dramatically reducing the time taken to extract lithium, which usually is more than a year, through chemical reactions. The new technology was developed with support from the energy resource technology development project led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2010, and does not require a large area of salt farms compared to the conventional evaporation and extraction method, and is less influenced by climate changes (weather/ evaporation rates).

POSCO’s commitment to development of a lithium project remains at pilotplant stage. While this could change very quickly, we have not included any output from the Pozuelos salt lake in Argentina in our global supply and demand analysis. We do note that new processing technologies do present a significant potential risk to global supply, project economics and industry structure.







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